texture Dance

An Urban Styles and Forms Dance, Fitness and Wellness facility that encourages the exploration of individuality through and within movement base cultures. We want the dream of movement to be a reality, whether for pure enjoyment, health, body and balance and/or continuing your movement education, we want you to feel and understand the mechanics of your body and how it functions and have FUN!.

We offer a great selection of dance training and fitness/conditioning classes.  Kids, Teens and Adults, ages 4 to 70+. Relax, explore, and experiment with your movement vocabulary, you are HOME! Our focus is to bring you out of that awkward shell, invest, investigate and explore your personality throughout   your training and movement art culture and community. No level placement system, no advance or beginning levels here. We believe that everyone has room for growth, not just from our amazing instructors but from others students. Our lessons add enough complexity and challenge that any level would/could endure our aesthetics and training process.


It's time to be new, be fresh! The 'Something Fresh' Open Mic is designed to be a catalyst for creativity; every week will have a new topic, in which artists need to create around. This group is meant to communicate all necessary weekly details! 

Due the specificity of our dance classes and training, classroom attendance fluctuates.  Students and members, are required to register 1 hour prior to desired scheduled class, to ensure that there will be an instructor present to teach the class. Please familiarize yourself with our schedule before attending classes. Drop ins are not recommended. Please, no phone calls, voicemails or mobile text message registrations. Visit our registrations page. Thank you for your time and interest (please be advised.)