texture Dance

An Urban Styles and Forms, Dance, Fitness and Wellness facility. Our mission is to introduce new and innovative dance styles and forms, developing around the world and empower you to explore your individuality through dance.  Dance is for everyone, if you are willing  to invest and be trained, we are willing and ready to teach you. We want those dance dreams to be a vivid reality.  Whether for pure enjoyment, a healthy body, or balance, we want you to feel and understand the mechanics of dance in your body ,while having fun of course.

We offer a great selection of dance and fitness classes to kids, teens, and adults. Relax, explore, and experience dance in a new way.   By the way, we have No level placement system because we don't believe in separating our students based on the experience the may or may not have. Come and move with us!

Due the specificity of our dance classes and training, classroom attendance fluctuates.  Students and members, are required to register 1 hour prior to desired scheduled class, to ensure that there will be an instructor present to teach the class. Please familiarize yourself with our schedule before attending classes. Drop ins are not recommended. Please, no phone calls, voicemails or mobile text message registrations. Visit our registrations page. Thank you for your time and interest (please be advised.)