TEXTUREDance Studio is a Urban Styles and Forms Dance facility that encourages the exploration of individuality in the movement base arts culture. We strive to turn dreams in dance and movement into a tangible reality. Whether for pure enjoyment of ones's practice, health, body and balance and/or continuing your movement education. We want everyone to feel and understand the mechanics of not only their own body but what it is capable of executing.

  We offer a great selection of dance training and fitness conditioning classes.  Kids, Teens and Adults, ages 4 to 70 or until your body can no longer endure the physical demand of our training process. No need to be timid, reserved, or shy, this is your dance HOME! Our focus is to bring you out of the awkward shell and investigate and explore personality throughout your training and participation in the movement art culture and community. Confidence and "Individuality" are traits you will endure in our lessons. Also, we have eliminated the level placement system, no advance or beginning levels here. We believe that everyone can afford to learn not just from our amazing instructors but from anothers students. Our lessons add enough complexity and challenge that any level would/could endure our aesthetics and training process.


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