WHO ARE WE ???????

THE Urban Style and Forms Dance Facility, that encourages the exploration of INDIVIDUALITY in dance movement. We strive to turn the dreams in dance movement into a tangible reality. Whether for pure enjoyment, health, body and fitness, and/or continuing your dance education, we want to be an inspiration and a leading contributor in your  movement exploration. We are currently offering a great selection of dance and fitness classes to kids, teens and adults, with all levels of technique and training, so that the whole family can get in on the action.  No need to be timid, reserved, or shy, this is your dance HOME! Our focus is to bring you out of the awkward shell and investigate and explore personality throughout your training and participation as a Dancer.  CONFIDANCE and INDIVIDUALITY are Traits you will endure in our lessons.  NO more sitting in corners at social gathering or functions, it's time to get up and DANCE! Let's take your FEAR and make it "FIERCE."

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Due to limited and inconsistent attendance, we now require  ALL students, both present and future, to contact us prior to the desired class you wish to attend.  Classes that required advanced notice will state the following “CONTACT TO ATTEND ( required)”. Classes that have a Green Box, are classes ALL students, both present and future, are allowed to just “DROP-IN” . Please be advise


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(TEXTUREDance studio/Damon D. Green facility is legally insured with and as a Limited Liability Insurance company (LLC) and will only cover any situations that is subject to the facility, within or around the premises. TEXTUREDance  Studio/Damon Green can not be held liable for any physical injuries endured while in residence at 4700 N. Kenmore Ave Chicago IL 60640, by all renters, teachers, practitioners, students, private contractors, and other alike. All renters, teachers, practitioner, students, private contractors and others alike should have or seek proper liability insurance during residence at TEXTUREDance studio/Damon D. Green.